Thursday, June 18, 2009

More pink fluffy Balls...

I truly hope that I do not bore you with just some more of these wonderful, amazing fluffy blossom balls. Each year I am standing there in awe, wondering how this is possible, this incredible burst of new life after the hiatus of a long long winter with nearly no colours, with that awfully cold and wet weather and days where you do not see the sun. I very much hope that you can share all that enthusiasm with me because this is what life is all about - the wonders of our nature, our beautiful planet.

It is not the kick you might experience through skydiving or bunjee jumping, go on a race with a racing car or any other of these activities. It is not the kick you get through taking drugs or filling you up with any buzz, it is not spending your nights in bars and clubs or travelling through the world as far away as possible. It is not the most extravagant house you can own or being part of renown societies.

Life is where possessions and desires end, life is where things grow on their own, where you need not do anything about it. Life is where you experience the smallest and the largest of all things, life is where you discover the universe within yourself and where happiness is unconditional.

Now imagine a world without all these blooms and blossoms, without the happy chirping of all the birds that can be heard right now. What a world would that be?


daily photos around Munich, photographed by Petra Voegtle

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