Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A Forest of Lilacs...

Sometimes it is amazing - you live somewhere and somehow you miss entirely what peculiarities you can find there. I mean I cannot recount how often I have passed this area with the lilac growing like a forest. It should have jumped into my eyes but apparently it did not - or - I have passed this area only when the lilac was not in full bloom.

This year I made it, although the weather was not so nice to shoot great photos - but you get the point. The scent was breathtaking - clouds of lilac perfume went straight into your nose - I still can remember that when I look at the images - can you smell it too....?

And don't forget to click on the images - they are large!

"Syringa" (Oleaceae)
lilac, Flieder

daily photos from Munich, photography by Petra Voegtle

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