Monday, June 01, 2009

A Field of Tulips...

I don't know whether you have this opportunity anywhere else than in Germany: the owner of a field grows all kinds of flowers, implements a stand with some sort of cash point which then means you can cut your flowers yourself and then you are expected to pay for the flowers you have cut. There is no-one who really surveys this and sadly enough I doubt that everyone is so honest to really pay for what s/he has taken. But this is another theme.

I love these fields of flowers because you are given the opportunity to walk (carefully) through all these glories, to look at them at short distance and to snap a photo or hundreds of them if you like. No-one will stop you. This is simply heaven. You can indulge in all these colours and forms. After some time your knees and your back begins to hurt - I would say this is regularly the end of the endeavour.

Here only a few of those lovelinesses...


daily photos from around Munich, photography by Petra Voegtle

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