Monday, June 15, 2009

Look close...

How often do we oversee the little things? We pay attention to things which are rather obvious, which jump into your face. Often you have to look really close in order to see the peculiarities of little things - in this case tiny blossoms.

I have visited this very same bush a couple of times. It has become a personal issue! But still - I somehow don't like this bush - you want to know why? Each time I am standing in front of it to photograph its tiny blossoms I am devoured by ants. So this is the ant bush for me. Apparently they consider me as an intruder into their home. And who could blame them for this?

People who might have watched me not only cycling through the same little streets for the 100th time in order to photograph the same gardens for the 200th time certainly will assume that I am nuts, jumping from one foot to the other like a loony - to get rid of the ants again who try to conquer my legs. But then I AM nuts, my aunt was it too. So what?

And don't forget to click on the photos - they are large!

"Berberis" (Berberidaceae)
barberry, Berberitze

daily photos from Munich, photographed by Petra Voegtle


DesignTies said...

We have a Barberry in our front garden. Ours doesn't have a lot of ants on it -- what I hate are the thorns, especially when I need to trim off some long branches!!

I've never looked closely at the flowers on our barberry. Your pictures really show them in great detail :-)

And hey, nothing wrong with being a little crazy :-)


Petra Voegtle said...

Hi Kelly - what I love about barberries is the incredible change in autumn when they are in full fire - amazing colours then...