Sunday, August 31, 2008

GTS - Green Thumb Sunday

In June this year I took this photo - one of my favourites - now it's become my choice for today's GTS

"Hedge Rose"

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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Lost Treasures - a Silk Carving©

"Lost Treasures"
66" x 17", silk

This is not a natural bloom or blossom but a Silk Carving© about the natural treasures such as blooms and blossoms and trees that are lost in our world. Thus it is called "Lost Treasures" . Taking photos is a passion of mine (as you may have realized in the meanwhile) , but often "only" a tool that I use as pre-work for my main tasks as a painter, sculptor and textile artist. As such I try to set little reminders from time to time of our natural treasures which need to be preserved.

This Silk Carving is a bas-relief made from one single piece of silk, sculptured into a wall art piece in a technique that I invented. As a symbol for the many acres of rain forest that have been burned to ashes on our planet I added blackened pieces of cork. I also burned real holes into this piece (this was the scary part of the art work - after hundreds of hours of stitching and stuffing I did not want it to become a torch).

The piece belongs to a series about Hawaiian Symbols...

Here are a couple of detail photos:

And Pink again...

This is the colour I long for most in winter time when everything is so awfully grey and dark. Now I can go into my blog and bring back all those colours again...

"Gladiolus" (Iridaceae)
glads, Gladiolen

Shades of Rosé and Pink

Colours like bonbons - all sweet and juicy and adorable...

"Gladiolus" (Iridaceae)
glads, Gladiolen

Friday, August 29, 2008

Presentation of an elegant Bloom...

I think if you want to present an elegant and delicate bloom such as this in a photo you need to give it the right environment. It is not enough to just place it behind some glass and nail it to the wall. It needs attention - wouldn't you agree? There are many different possibilities today and the framing shops offer plentiful choices which do not need to be expensive - this is just one example how it can look like even if the flower itself is not dramatic...

"Gladiolus" (Iridaceae)
glads, Gladiolen

Dipped in Paint...

These blooms of a gladiola look as if Mother Nature had started with yellow, then changed her mind and dipped the petals in some orange paint...

"Gladiolus" (Iridaceae)
glads, Gladiolen

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Digital Bloom...

Today I thought I'll show you something different - an image digitally enhanced from a photo that I would have thrown away - normally. But then I thought - hey - maybe that's still usable - let's see what's coming out of this. And here it is: an abstract image of a decaying flower (a gladiola) and below is the original. So - think about twice before throwing away a bad photo...
I just liked the colours in this one and the painterly quality about it...

the original

"Gladiolus" (Iridaceae)
glads, Gladiolen

Monday, August 25, 2008

Another Lady different Dress

Without words...


Lady Red

I don't know how many roses I photographed this year - I only know it were lots of them and I still cannot get enough...


Sunday, August 24, 2008

Green Thumb Sunday's - First Post

For the first post for Green Thumb Sunday I'll start with the photo I made the logo from. This is one of my favourite rose photos because it looks so wonderfully oldfashioned as if taken in a wonderful old English garden...

Click on the logo - here you will find the details how you can join the meme:

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Wild Larkspur - endangered***

A couple of weeks ago I discovered something very special in a field: wild larkspur which is an endangered species here in Germany. Additionally it was not only one colour blooming but THREE different ones!! It was difficult to photograph as there was a fence around that field. Two days later they had mewn the field for some un-plausible reason and the blooms were gone...

"Consolida regalis" (Ranunculaceae)
larkspur, Feldrittersporn***

All in Pink...

More Dahlia in pink - it's just the time for these...


Saturday, August 23, 2008

A Dahlia like stained Glass

It was quite late already for photographing blooms when I came across this one. It looked like made of glass to me and the petals seemed to be half transparent. Also it was shimmering like glass...


Friday, August 22, 2008

Blog award

I nearly forgot to post this one - I received another award from
Hamida the Herbalist
This is truely very sweet of you, Hamida, thank you!!!

The Pink Queen...

"Dahlia" (Asteraceae)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Hydrangea in heavenly Blue....

I don't know why but these remind me of a piece of lovely jewellery with pearls allover....

"Hydrangea" (Hydrangeaceae)

Have you ever seen a Dahlia such as this?

Did you ever see a Dahlia such as this one? I am not even sure whether this is a Dahlia at all but it was named as one on a field I found where they grew blooms to cut for yourself as it is common here in Germany...

"Dahlia" (Asteraceae)