Tuesday, May 26, 2009

More than just Blossoms...

Did it ever come to your mind that blossoms are more than just blossoms? So many people walk past them, never realizing what beauty is offered to them by nature. Their whole life is centered around their job, their kids, a husband - in the meanwhile mostly in this order. Isn't this neglecting life entirely? Your life? What is life for you?


daily photos from Munich, photography by Petra Voegtle


DesignTies said...

Wow, those magnolias are gorgeous!!

What's life to me... well, definitely NOT my job!! I like to be outdoors as much as I can -- biking, gardening, walking the dogs, reading on a patio chair... I love enjoying the sunshine and fresh air :-) And I LOVE swimming!! It feels so liberating and free :-)

Kelly @ DesignTies

Petra Voegtle said...

Hi Kelly, I have come to the same conclusion as well. Maybe it is because becoming older and realizing that life is only a very short period of time which runs away too fast. And isn't it then a crime not to see what we are offered beyond our duties and commitments?