Saturday, December 06, 2008

Red and Orange


ESCUDERO said...

So happy to hear from you Petra (The queen of color). When I visit your site I always feel that I am entering into a very special niche in the world. A world of design and color color color!. Thanks for sharing it with us. You're special. If Munich looks like that I would love to visit one day. Wow!

Petra Voegtle said...

Hi Veronica, it is very sweet of you to say that. I am not sure that this is a very special niche here in Munich. I rather assume that most people simply do not have the time and energy to run around like I do and actually see what's in their neighbourhood in very ordinary places.
For me this is the real life, to walk around with open eyes and enjoy what's there. This makes me get a distance from my own problems and puts everything in the right relation. I also think many people are chasing the wrong things and lose the sight on what's directly in front of them.