Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Forsythia - Blossoms in Yellow

I decided to dedicate this blog entirely to the photography of blooms and blossoms only because I want to share what nature sometimes gives us in abundance. The timeframe where we can fully enjoy this colour feast is often much too short or - as it just happens in the city of Munich - the weather does not allow the blossom trees to show their full potential. This means, either it is too cold for the blossoms to open fully or the rain destroys their delicate beauty before they had their chance. So the photos shown here have been collected in more than 3 years now.

Citifolks often have lost their relationship to nature and rushing from one appointment to another seldom leaves the freedom to really enjoy the gifts of Mother Nature. I want to show what is often missed because most people don't see any more what's in their direct environment.And often gardens have become too small for planting trees because the space is needed for living.

So I try to catch these miracles as often as I can with my camera and whenever the weather allows me to do this. I want to share what I have seen in abundance and still cannot get enough...

"Forsythia" (Oleaceae)

daily photos from Munich, photography by Petra Voegtle

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