Monday, March 21, 2011

Colour Feast continues: Green man-made and natural Crystals

It is time to continue the colour series: GREEN. I want you to drool over these lovely green colours that nature has created in crystals and also some man-made crystals which can be equally inspirational. These green shades make me want to take my brushes immediately and go to the easel to create something with these shades or imagine a lake, hidden deep in the forests, with waters just as these greens - wouldn't it be devine to dive into those?

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Rhônya Holman said...

BEAUTIFUL selections of images! Also I checked your website and your artworks are AMAZING! Especially the Wood Carving & Paintings, also the photographs are great too ... Keep up the great work and positives vibes. (((-:

Have a lovely weekend! =(^.^)=

VICTORIA said...

Amazing photographs!Your really did so well...Keep it up!

elena nuez said...

what gorgeous colours!!!