Sunday, January 02, 2011

Nature's Purple Feast - Blooms and Blossoms

After so many colour codes and colour wheels etc. I think it is time to concentrate on the natural purples you can find in blooms and blossoms...

Some examples for deep purple:

Examples for medium purple:

Here are some examples for the Munsell purple:

And here comes the royal purple:

Here is another example for the x11 purple:

And finally some examples for the tyrian purple:

(all photos ©Petra Voegtle)

Of course nearly every bloom of these examples contains various hues and shades of purple. This feast of colours is Mother Nature's treasure, which never ceases to be the largest well of inspirational colour creations...



Garden Lily said...

That's a beautiful study in purples, and very nice floral examples.

Petra Voegtle said...

Thank you so much, Garden Lily, for this kind compliment!