Thursday, January 01, 2009

More of the golden Ash...

I especially like these photos for their dynamic - the wind was blowin' quite strongly while I took these photos....

"Fraxinus" (Oleaceae)
ash, Esche


nicole said...


Happy New Year!

I want to thank you for all of the absolutely gorgeous, delightful images you post.

I truly love viewing them, and if you ever stop posting them, I will be very sad.

best regards,


Petra Voegtle said...

Happy New Year to you too, Nicole! Thanks for your lovely comment on my blog. That was truely very sweet! I have no intention to stop posting images - so I hope to continue to make you happy :) and maybe a couple of other people too.

Hugs, Petra

Lynda Lehmann said...

Beautiful Petra! I can hear the leaves rustling in the wind!

Lynda Lehmann said...
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betchai said...

Hello Petra,

Happy New Year!!!

You have a wonderful collection of foliage, each day I say wow and could not pick any favorite for each has their special glow, I wonder how you chose which one to post with so many of them. But for us viewing, it is a total pleasure, always make me feel thankful for the many priceless gifts we can enjoy around us, God is so good.

Happy New Year to you again, and may the new year bring you more wonderful and amazing pictures to inspire and touch many. Thanks for sharing your artistic gift.

All the best,


Petra Voegtle said...

Hi Lynda- yes that's what I can hear when I look at these pictures
Thank you for visiting again! :)

Petra Voegtle said...

Hi Betchai - thank you again for your continuous support and lovely comments! :)