Monday, September 29, 2008

Little yellow Suns

These are really little happy do you call it in English? In German we call them "sun bride" - literally translated...

"Helenium" (Asteraceae)


Gregorio said...

I have enjoyed exploring your sites and love the contents/information held within them.The blossom and blooms explode with exciting natural colors which both excite and inspire.I lived in Germany a while back and have visited Munich I found the city to be quite cosmopolitan as well as old,it's a wonderful blend.The museums are fantastic I truly hope to visit again some time.Take care and keep up with the wonderful art you are creating.

Petra Voegtle said...

Hi Gregorio - this is a very nice compliment from a fellow artist. Thank you. Hope you'll find the opportunity and time to visit Munich again.
I wonder when you have been here?

WiseAcre said...

Great shots. I like the look of those flowers - just a bit different from the form I'm familiar with.

Helenium are generally called Helen's Flower or Sneezeweed here. I like to use Sneezeweed.